General Information

Description of the WVSOM Student Health Insurance Program

All students are automatically enrolled in and charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan each year. If you have another insurance plan and would like to waive the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) - Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan, a waiver form, and a copy of the front and back of your Health Insurance ID card must be submitted. Please see Waiver Process.

The WVSOM Sponsored Health Insurance Plan is a Preferred Provider Plan that has been designed specifically for WVSOM students and their dependents (spouse, domestic partner, and/or children).  For the 2021/2022 Policy Year, the WVSOM Student Plan will again be underwritten by Aetna Student Health. (ASH). With an emphasis on wellness, the plan is designed to provide full coverage for medical care, including annual routine physicals, well-child care, and immunizations.

Enrollment Process

All students must enroll in the WVSOM - Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan unless a waiver is submitted and approved. You can waive enrollment and the insurance charge if proof of other health insurance is provided by submitting an online waiver.

  • To enroll in the WVSOM Sponsored Student Health Plan, please click here.
  • Students who lose coverage midterm are required to submit an online enrollment request within 30 days of the date of loss of prior coverage for enrollment in the WVSOM - Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan and submit proof of loss of prior coverage HSAC at (941)925-2001 or

Waiver Process

Maintaining ACA-compliant health insurance coverage is mandatory for all full-time WVSOM students, and all students MUST be covered by a domestic health insurance plan. All students must enroll in the WVSOM - Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan unless an acceptable Waiver is provided by the designated deadline. The acceptable coverage to waive the WVSOM - Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan is a parent's employer group plan, a spouse's employer group plan, West Virginia Medicaid  (1st and 2nd-year students only), VA Benefits, or COBRA.  WVSOM will accept individual Plans for the 2021/2022 Policy year as long as they meet the waiver requirements.  HSAC will verify individual plans quarterly. Short Term plans, Gap coverage plans, and Travelers plans are not acceptable for waiving the student health plan.

If you have active health insurance with benefits that meet all the requirements set forth by WVSOM, you may apply for a waiver of enrollment in the WVSOM plan. You will need to have your current insurance ID card and information regarding your plan benefits to complete the process. You must submit a copy of your Health Insurance ID card's front and back with your request. Once you have submitted the required information, you will receive an email verifying if your waiver meets the WVSOM requirements. Waivers will be accepted until June 15. 2021 for continuing students, and June 30, 2021 for incoming students.

Please be aware that you will be automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan, and the health insurance charge will remain on your account if a waiver request is not completed and approved. WVSOM will not accept waiver requests after the required deadline. 

Waive WVSOM Plan: You may access the student health insurance link to waive enrollment in the WVSOM - Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan by clicking here


If you originally waived out of the student health insurance plan but find that you need health insurance coverage later in the year due to an involuntary loss of coverage or if you have aged out of your parent's insurance plan, you can also enroll via the Enroll tab at the top of this page. Students enrolling after the initial enrollment period due to an involuntary loss of coverage will be assessed a prorated portion of the insurance premium based on their dates of enrollment. Students have 30 calendar days after an involuntary loss of coverage to enroll in the student health insurance plan or submit updated proof of coverage. 

Students must maintain continuous enrollment in health insurance. If you are submitting new proof of coverage, it must begin within 24 hours of your previous coverage termination.  You are not eligible to waive if you have any coverage gap.

Questions and Contact Information

The Servicing Administrator for the WVSOM - Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan is HSA Consulting, Inc. (HSAC).

  • For questions related to waiver requestseligibilityenrollmentbenefits, or claims, please contact: Dee Witte with HSAC at (888) 978-8355, and identify yourself as a WVSOM student.
  • For specific questions related to waiver denials, please contact Rose Mangan with HSAC at (888) 978-8355 or

Obtaining your 1095-B Tax Form

The distribution of Form 1095-B has changed. The form is available on the Aetna member’s portal under “communication.”

  • The form shows if a member met the Affordable Care Act (ACA) minimum essential coverage requirement known as the individual mandate. Because Congress has now reduced the tax penalty for failing to meet this mandate to zero, the IRS indicated in its notice that “an individual does not need the information on Form 1095-B to compute his or her federal tax liability or file an income tax return.”  

As there is no penalty regarding minimum essential coverage, the form will no longer be mailed to a member’s address, except for New Jersey and Washington D.C, which still require a paper form to be mailed to members.  

Students can view/print their tax form online in the member portal under “Messages” under the “Letters and Communications” tab.  If they don’t want to go through the portal, students should call 1-855-531-6837 to request a duplicate form.  If they need SSN updated, the student can update the SSN online via the member portal and immediately see the corrected 1095-B form online.