Des Moines University

Clinical Rotations Policy


Full-Time Students on Out-of-State Clinical Rotations/Experiences


Students attending clinical rotations/experiences outside of Iowa are required to have comprehensive health insurance coverage as stipulated by DMU's rotation site affiliation agreements. Students completing any out-of-state clinical rotations/experiences during an academic year are not eligible to waive with any state Medicaid coverage, including Iowa Medicaid, as it does not provide comprehensive coverage when you are rotating out of state. Your insurance coverage must also have national in-network provider coverage, which includes the states in which you may rotate. If you will be completing all clinical rotations/experiences in state, you may waive with Medicaid coverage from the State of Iowa. Students requesting to waive with Medicaid coverage must attach a copy of their rotation schedule for the entire academic year to their waiver submission by the required waiver deadline.  If you are unable to provide a full academic year schedule you will not be eligible to waive with Medicaid coverage.  No mid-year changes are allowed.


Waiver FAQ’s


  1. I am under the age of 26 and currently on a Parent’s Employer PPO plan, can I go out of state on rotations? 

Yes, with a PPO plan you have nationwide coverage, so you may go anywhere in the United States for rotations.With PPO plans you have in-network and out-of-network coverage and do not need a referral to see a doctor.


  1. My Parent’s plan is an HMO, can I still rotate throughout the United States?

No, an HMO plan has a limited coverage area.  Outside of the HMO plan’s coverage area you may have emergency only coverage but that does not meet the requirements to waive the DMU student plan or meet rotation site requirements.


  1. Does the same apply if I am on a Spouse’s plan?

Yes, a Spouse’s Employer PPO plan will allow you to go on out of state rotations, an HMO plan will not.


  1. What happens when I turn 26 and can’t stay on my Parent’s Plan any longer?

Your parents will receive notice that your current coverage is terminating.You will need to either enroll in the DMU student health insurance plan or enroll in another plan that meets the requirements to waive the DMU Student plan.If you would like to enroll in the DMU Student Plan you will need to submit your request to enroll and your proof of loss of coverage through the following link;


If you obtain other coverage you may also submit a waiver through the same link.You may also have COBRA coverage available to you through your parents plan.COBRA coverage can be very expensive, please be sure to compare the costs to the DMU student insurance plan.


  1. I currently have Iowa Medicaid; can I go on out of state rotations?

No, you are not eligible to waive with Iowa Medicaid if any of your rotations are out of state.You are only eligible to waive with Iowa Medicaid if you are in Iowa for the entire academic year.If you are currently waived with Iowa Medicaid and you could be leaving the state of Iowa for rotations, you will be contacted by HSA Consulting, Inc., the DMU student insurance plan administrator regarding your next steps.


  1. I thought Iowa Medicaid had coverage outside the state of Iowa?

Iowa Medicaid provides emergency only coverage outside the State of Iowa.“Emergency only” coverage is defined as life threatening.Seeking care at an emergency room does not mean that your claim will be covered.Your claim can be reviewed and if it is determined that you are no longer eligible for Iowa Medicaid because you have been living out of state, your claim can be denied, and your coverage terminated retroactively. Emergency only coverage does not meet DMU or Rotation site requirements.


  1. I currently have Iowa Medicaid and will be in another state for the entire academic year, can I get the other state Medicaid?

It is possible for you to obtain another state Medicaid, but you must first terminate your Iowa Medicaid and you must also meet residency requirements of the state you are applying for Medicaid.  Each state has different requirements, so it is extremely important that you follow all guidelines.  Do not apply for Medicaid if you are not currently residing in the state and meet residency requirements.


  1. If I must first cancel Iowa Medicaid does that mean I will have a gap in coverage? How will I stay in compliance with the DMU Insurance Policy?

Because DMU always requires all students to maintain active insurance coverage, you will be allowed to enroll in the DMU student insurance plan for the remaining months of the current policy year.  If you obtain another state Medicaid prior to August 1, which is the beginning of the next policy year, then you will be granted an exception to submit a new waiver.  You will remain enrolled and charged for the upcoming policy year unless a waiver is received and approved by July 31st, no exceptions.


  1. What if I can’t provide my full rotation schedule by my required deadline?

HSA Consulting, Inc. (HSAC) will work with you to approve your waiver for the rotation schedule you are able to provide.For example, you are currently waived with Iowa Medicaid and want to remain on Iowa Medicaid, but you can only show your rotation schedule through December with Iowa rotations, HSAC will approve your waiver through December.Once you can provide a schedule with rotations beyond December your waiver can be further approved.


  1. What if I am currently waived with Iowa Medicaid and don’t leave for rotations until later in the year?

You will be allowed to waive with Iowa Medicaid until you leave Iowa for rotations.You will then need to enroll in the DMU student plan or provide proof of other active coverage that meets DMU requirements for out-of-state rotations.


  1. If I am enrolled in the DMU student plan but come back to Iowa mid-year can I cancel the DMU plan?

No, the DMU Student Insurance plan is an annual enrollment policy.Once you are enrolled in the DMU student plan you will remain enrolled for the entire policy year until the plan terminates on July 31st.


  1. I am graduating in May; can I cancel my enrollment in the DMU Student plan?

No, you will remain enrolled until July 31st.The continuation of coverage until July 31st often covers you until your residency or employer insurance coverage begins.


  1. Will I have to pay the annual premium if I am only enrolled for part of the year?

No, when your premium will be based on your enrollment date is.It is prorated monthly and is added to your student account.




If you have any change in coverage or lose your current coverage while on rotations, you must notify HSAC immediately.  Any lapse in coverage is a violation of the DMU Insurance Policy and Rotation Site Agreements.  You may contact HSAC at 1-888-978-8355 or