Life and Disability - The AMA Med Plus Advantage Plan
(policy plan year July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018)

The Touro College of Pharmacy (Touro COP) sponsored student group life, AD&D and disability insurance policy (TBD) was developed by Health Sciences Assurance Consulting, Inc. (HSAC) in collaboration with the office of student affairs. The insurance plan was developed to meet unique needs faced by pharmacy students and is periodically updated based upon input from students and advisors. Working exclusively within the academic Health Sciences community; HSAC has provided informative insurance seminars for students, residents and practitioners to assist them in better understanding and managing their insurance programs. HSAC works only with companies rated A or better by A.M. Best, a leading authority on rating insurance companies.

The Touro COP sponsored group life, AD&D and disability plan is underwritten by The Standard Insurance Company, rated A+ (strong) by A.M. Best. The rating of The Standard Insurance Company reflects the company’s conservative operating strategy, its superior capitalization, high quality investment portfolio and excellent liquidity position.

Students suffering a disabling injury or illness should submit notice of their disability to The Standard within 30 days of their disability. Disability claim forms are available from the School of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs.

Disability Income Insurance Plan Benefit Summary

Life and AD&D Insurance Plan Benefit Certificate


Term Life Benefit


AD&D Benefit


Duration of Benefit

Social Security Normal Retirement Age

Monthly Benefit


Elimination Period

90 days

Definition of Disability

For the first 60 months, unable to perform the duties of a student, after 60 months any occupation by way of education training or experience

Offset with Partial Earnings

Offset with earnings over $3,000.  Plan allows $3,000 of work earnings without reduction penalty before any reduction is applied.

Minimum Benefit


Pre-x Waiting Period

3/12 pre-x

Mental and Nervous Limitation

Limits claims payments for mental and nervous claims to 24 Months per Occurance

Loan Payoff Benefit $225,000
Survivor Benefit 5 Times the Monthly Benefit

Lump Sum Benefit


COLA Benefit

4 1/2% annually, 12 month delay

Continuation of Coverage after graduation:

Students: $1,500 guaranteed monthly coverage will be available upon graduation

What is not covered: The Standard does not cover any period of disability caused, directly or indirectly, by: (a) declared or undeclared war or act of war or armed aggression; (b) your service in the armed forces, National Guard, or military reserves of any state or country; (c) your taking part in a riot or other civil disorder; (d) your commission of, or attempt to commit, a felony; (e) your unlawful use or threat of force on another person without his or her consent; (f) intentional self-injury or attempted suicide while sane or insane; (g) job related or on-the-job injury; or (h) conditions for which benefits are payable by Workers’ Compensation or life laws.

The Standard does not pay benefits for any period during which you are confined to any facility as a result of your conviction of a crime or public offense.

The Standard does not pay benefits for any period during which you are not under the regular care and treatment of a doctor.

The Standard does not pay benefits for any period of disability which starts before you are insured by this plan. In addition, no benefit will be payable for any period during which your loss of status as a regular full-time student is not due to your disability.


TThis plan also includes a conversion privilege to continue your disability insurance when you begin residency training. Physicians beginning a residency may convert to a monthly benefit of $2,000. Premiums will increase and the resident will be billed for the resident disability plan on an individual basis. Premium payments must be made in a timely fashion as defined in the policy or the coverage will terminate.

For questions regarding your disability insurance plan or to learn more about continuing coverage after graduation please call:

Health Sciences Assurance Consulting, Inc. (HSAC. Inc.) at 1-888-978-8355 or email